Stephanie Minchin

Yoga Teacher 

Steph first fell in love with yoga when she moved to London in 2010, and deepened her practice and discovered spiritual connection in an ashram in Kerala. After completing YTT (200 hrs) in 2014 yoga became an integral part of Steph’s life, finding grounding and growth in personal practice with life lessons beyond the yoga mat, and sharing yoga with community and corporate groups, local studios and NHS staff. Yoga teaching has complimented Steph’s career as a Psychologist and she is now training in Yoga Therapy with The Minded Institute (550hr).

Steph believes that yoga is a journey, an exploration of the self through the power of the breath and movement; and that there is something in yoga for everyone, inclusive of shape, size, ability or any other aspect of our individual uniqueness.

Steph’s yoga teaching is a moving meditation, a mindful approach supporting psychological wellbeing, exploring inner mind-body connection through asana (postures) and breath work; her classes integrate a balance of strength and challenge to advance, and soothing and grounding to relax.