Jessie Reece Bloch

Yoga teacher

Having suffered a few injuries over the years, Jessie first came to the yoga mat during her second year of an honours degree in dance, and what started as a journey of self-rehabilitation grew into a deeper interest in body mechanics and breath control that complemented her course studies in the Alexander Technique.  

After graduating in 2010, Jessie’s professional interest in yoga shifted to the rehabilitation of others following her teacher training with Frog Lotus Yoga in Spain, and now instructs a diverse client base at several branded gyms across London. 

With alignment and stability at their core, Jessie's lessons will be tailored to allow everyone from athletes to complete beginners a chance to experience yoga at their current comfort level, offering modifications and cues throughout to help students connect to their body and leave lessons feeling more centred. 

Classes will focus on areas that experience many common muscular injuries, such as shoulders, hips and hamstrings, with practitioners progressing over time to more challenging poses on the mat. 

Expect an easygoing approach with a few laughs along the way. 

Jessie Yoga FIX East Village