Steve Hobbs

run coach

Steve grew up in Kent and for many younger years enjoyed playing team sport at a semi-professional level. Having hung up his football and cricket boots, he is now a keen member of the running community, representing Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets AC in all disciplines, from road to cross country, to track. Most importantly, though, he is also a British Athletics qualified running coach helping others reach their running goals.

As a 2.35 marathon runner himself, Steve understands the value of a holistic approach to running as there are so any other factors that influence running performance, besides base levels of fitness and technique. Treating each athlete as a unique individual he works with them to understand unique motivations and lifestyle dynamics. He then helps set appropriate goals before setting the athlete on a path and supporting them to achieve their goals. The holistic approach includes working with athletes on running mechanics in order to help them understand how they might be able to mitigate the risk of injury as well as helping injured runners in their rehabilitation programmes. He works with a range of runners from elite level to beginners.

In addition to working at Fix, Steve runs corporate wellness programmes under the belief that getting away from the desk for an hour for a run not only improves the physical and mental health of employees, it boosts their productivity too.

Steve lives in Victoria Park with his young family who are already learning the basics of running by running him ragged.

Steve made me believe running a quicker marathon was possible, and meticulously put together a program that 6 months later left me lighter, stronger and faster than I had ever been
— Robin