RUn Coaching


As the Fix philosophy is a little different from other clinics, when you come to Fix, you're well looked after. You're not just getting the experience of one practitioner, you also get the chance to get back to what you love doing, whilst still being managed by the team.  

We want you to be back running as quickly as possible and understand that sometimes an individual approach may not be as effective as the talents of a multidisciplinary team. Our team of experts will be able to tailor a treatment plan to get you back on that track.. quite literally!

What does run coaching involve?

Steve Hobbs is a fully qualified running coach. As an experienced runner himself, Steve knows only too well the effect that injury can have and how important it is to be proactive to prevent injury and how patient you have to be in recovery.

As part of the Fix team, Steve is able to design training programmes to help you successfully return from injury and advise on technical drills to prevent re-occurrence. Steve is also able to provide technical guidance on how to reduce the risk of injury in the first place.

  • Coaching to optimise running performance

  • Carry over from rehabilitation from pain/dysfunction

  • Prevention/ reduction in sports injuries

  • Post surgical rehabilitation

  • Preparation for sporting events, dirt runs, fun stuff like that

  • Marathon, 1/2 marathon, 10km specific plans


The packages:

3 session pack

Running assessment and consultation to discuss your running motivations, goals, style;  with follow up sessions to guide you towards your goals.

£165 | 3 x 1 hr sessions (£55/hr - £60 saving)

6 month training plan:

For those working towards a specific goal, training for an event or wanting to optimise their running form. You’ll work with Steve and one of our Fix clinicians to strive for your goals, supported the whole way.

 This package includes:

1x 60 min Initial Consultation - objective physical & gait assessment with both therapist and run coach plus homework (exercises and strategies to improve movement)

1 x 60 min follow up with initial clinician

3 x 60 min running consultation and assessment sessions with Steve

Training plan written by Steve, including drills and running tips to help move you towards your specific goals

Ongoing support over a 6 month period. Mentorship, coaching and progressions in your running plan via email or Skype with Steve 


one off running assessment

Just as it says on the tin. A one-off technical assessment and guidance on running training.

£75 | 1 hr


Rehab package (up to 6 months):

For anyone returning to running after an injury, surgery or childbirth. Supported over 6 months by Steve and working with one of our Fix clinicians to ensure a safe and strong return to running.

This package includes:

1 x 60 min Initial Consultation - objective physical & gait assessment in presence of both clinician and run coach plus homework (exercises and strategies to improve movement)

1 x 1 hr initial consultation with Steve to discuss running technique with exercises and strategies to improve movement in line with the physical and gait assessment 

4 x 30 min follow ups with initial clinician (over 6 months) - reviewing patterns, strength and progress.

4 x 45 min follow ups with Steve to discuss progress



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