Niki Carr

Pilates Instructor

Whether a professional level athlete or an individual wishing to remain active and pain-free day to day, Niki is passionate about helping people feel their absolute best and find healing from intelligent, intuitive movement. 

Trained as a professional dancer at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, her love of dance led her to the world of Pilates early in her career and has been practicing it for over 17 years. She was drawn to Pilates for the way it trains the body with a strong focus on alignment and attention to detail for ease of movement, fewer injuries, endurance, enhanced performance and when needed rehabilitation. 

After years of practicing and seeing the benefits and positive changes it has had on her own body she certified as an instructor in 2015 in the STOTT Pilates method. Teaching in studios internationally and working with mentors from many schools of thought, Niki’s varied background has given her unlimited tools to teach smart, effective movement to a wide range of clients.

As an instructor her passion is creating exercises that challenge the mind and body and their ability to work together for fun movement explorations and an agile body able to move and adapt instinctively.

Niki has always been, and always will be, a lifelong learner. She has a curiosity for new challenges and opportunities that allow her to connect with new people and experiences so we can all continue to grow and evolve together. 

As humans we are designed to sit, crawl, jump, twist, lift, laugh, play, smile, sleep and be happy. Niki’s goal is to help you do all of these to your fullest potential.