Alex Coleman

pilates teacher

Over the past 11 years Alex has been training people to improve the way their bodies work.

From this experience Alex has noticed “No matter how different people are in their day to day living, there is one thing they all have in common. They want to look and feel better!”

So her job has been to perfect the art of bringing bodies back to alignment and harmony by understanding their anatomy, reading the individual, and figuring out where things have come out of balance. She says “it is here where people start to feel better in their bodies.”

Starting out studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science in Perth, Western Australia, Alex got an understanding of human mechanics and worked closely with physiotherapists throughout her degree. It was during this time she found Pilates. Post degree she obtained a Diploma in Pilates, studio equipment and mat comprehensive with Polestar Pilates.

Simultaneously Alex co-founded The Pilates Center WA, situated on the same street as her physiotherapist mentor Darriel Colling, owner of George Street Pilates. This started a collaboration and inter-referring of clients to offer a complete service of rehabilitation from acute injury to integrated movement (healthy and happy bodies).

In 2014 Alex moved to London and started teaching 1:1 Pilates at Moss Pilates, home of Polestar Pilates teacher training for the UK.

Her other studies include Pilates for Scoliosis and Spondylolythesis,; for Posture; for Lower Back Health; and Pre and Post Natal courses, Functional Movement courses and more.

She has developed close working relationships with physiotherapists, osteopaths, surgeons and acupuncturists across London to help give these clients exactly what they need.

In July 2019 Alex joined Fix & will be assisting us in building the Pilates team and our Pilates service at both London Field and East Village. We’re thrilled to have her come on board and join our merry inter-referring gang.

I have been doing pilates for ten years all around the world and and Alex is one of the best. Her approach is focused on fundamentals. She connects all exercises to their basic mechanics and ranges of movements in a way that makes the training, at the same time easy to follow, and deceptively difficult (with great results!)
— Jeremy Dawson - Film producer