Physiyoga is the blending of physiotherapy concepts and dynamic yoga moves. Taking the ancient practice of yoga and overlaying it with expert anatomical and biomechanical knowledge, Physiyoga aims to restore health and optimise function through a tailored programme of carefully coached poses and sequences. 

Physiyoga targets the individual needs of the client: from those recovering from injury, those who have a pinching hip or shoulder during practice, to those that have had a bad experience in yoga previously or those who wish to tackle their ‘wonky bits’ in a more specific way, Physiyoga can help you understand more about your body and make it function better.

‘I leave every Physiyoga session much stronger, calmer and with a
fantastic feeling of achievement and an incredible supplement of
energy that lasts for days.’


Physiyoga with
Helen O'Neill


Helen provides an exceptional 1:1 Physiyoga service to clients. This is for those that may require expert guidance through poses, technique modification and adjustments. Each session is tailored to the client to improve movement, increase the understanding of how their body moves and to be able to work with the body more effectively.

‘Helen’s really got her finger on something that women my age can use
to make our lives pain-free.’
— Kim Cattrall

Physiyoga works by targeting the stiff parts of each person's body that are causing restrictions, stabilising and strengthening the more overused and mobile parts of the body and creating a balance of the two. This way clients learn how to get the most out of their practice, which poses, including breathing exercises, will benefit their needs and progress to challenging their body in a way that may not have believed possible.

Click here to see ‘Sex and the City’ star Kim Cattrall’s Physiyoga success story with Helen.

If you are a yoga teacher and are interested in what physiyoga is about please go to Threes Physiyoga Method. Helen teaches a 100-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training for teachers looking to deepen their understanding of movement patterns, alignment, pathology and working with students with or returning from injury.