Sarah Trost


Sarah is a physiotherapist with over 10 years of professional experience acquired while practicing in different medical offices around the world. With her additional professional graduation in Sports Therapy, Sarah is able to treat complex sport injuries from the onset of an injury through the entire duration of the patients’ recovery.

·       Physiotherapy focusing on musculoskeletal problems.

·       Sports therapy focusing on orthopedic / rheumatoid problems.

·       Certified in Manual lymphatic drainage and Manual Therapy.

·       Treatment range: musculoskeletal problems, chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries, tendonitis or posture related pain.

·       Special expertise in neck, shoulder and TMJ or jaw disorders.

 After Sarah graduated, she immediately began her professional career working for renowned clinics in Germany. In search of new perspectives on medical treatments, Sarah spent 4 years in Shanghai, China treating patients in a private clinic. It was here that Sarah collaborated with local TCM experts and professionals with different backgrounds from all over the world. Combined with her education and professional experience in Germany, this was the perfect environment for her to develop a holistic, treatment approach for her patients.

 Before moving to London, Sarah was heading the physiotherapy department of a German outpatient rehabilitation center.

 Her mission is to provide individualized treatment for patients so that they can achieve their maximum potential and full recovery though the use of innovative and holistic principles.

 Sarah has a boundless passion for travelling. If she is not at FIX, you might find her scuba-diving searching for sea horses in the ocean.