Karin Hilfiker MPT, CFMT


Karin has over 10 years experience treating musculoskeletal conditions in the private sector. Her hands-on approach aims to relieve symptoms and restore client's efficiency of movement using a combination of manual therapy, tailor-made exercises and kinesthetic awareness training.

A new arrival to London, Karin earned her Master Degree in Physiotherapy in 2005 and completed a certification in Functional Manual Therapy from the US-based Institute of Physical Art in 2013. She also completed a three-month residency at the internationally renowned PNF program in Vallejo, California in 2008. She recently spent 18 months in Delhi, India treating patients and mentoring a team of Indian therapists at a centre dedicated to Functional Manual Therapy.

Karin has treated a wide variety of clients from professional ballet dancers, Broadway performers, recreational weekend athletes, to the more sedentary desk worker. She strives to help all her clients reach their health and fitness goals and applies her extensive manual therapy training and knowledge of neuromuscular patterning and biomechanical principles to accomplish this. Through her dedication to her craft and careful attention to each individual client, Karin enjoys seeing positive results time and time again.

A former modern dancer and long time contact improver and salsa dance enthusiast, Karin brings to her work a love of movement and a passion to help others achieve health and wellness. When not at Fix, she can be found adventuring around her new hometown of London or on just about any dance floor she can find.

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