Nuria Rodriguez

Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach

Nuria is a registered nutritional therapist who passionately believes in the power of both food and exercise to support health and well-being.

Her ultimate aim is to empower her clients and give them the necessary tools to use real food to help them to feel good, nourished and energized. What makes Nuria different is she combines the science of what to eat (nutritional therapy) with how to put it into practice and feel amazing while doing it (health coaching).

Nuria studied nutritional therapy at the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition. Her training was based on the principles of functional medicine, which aims to address the root causes of the problems that may result from nutritional imbalances, instead of just the symptoms.

As a nutritional therapist, Nuria works with her clients to create personalised and optimal diet and lifestyle programmes that support their health by achieving nutritional balance. Nuria works with natural and whole foods rich in nutrients and if needed, she recommends vitamins, minerals, other food supplements and/or botanicals to enhance the effect of the natural foods. She may also suggest functional testing for an in-depth assessment and a more personalised health programme.

As an integral part of her approach, Nuria works with her clients to understand their motivations and values and help them to break down the barriers which will allow them to implement lifestyle changes and achieve their health goals.

When not at Fix, Nuria works in community development with groups and organisations creating and implementing nutrition and lifestyle programmes in deprived neighbourhoods to help reduce health inequalities in London.

 If you want to have more energy and vitality, optimise performance (physical and mental), reduce the risk of injury, improve digestion, rebalance your hormones – and just generally feel better and healthier than you do today –Nuria would love to help you. 

Nuria nutritionist East Village Fix
‘Nuria has helped me to identify ways to improve my nutrition. Since seeing Nuria I have made changes which are making me feel healthier and I have more energy’

— Tina Ford