Nutritional therapy focuses on the science of nutrition and what to eat. It is a complementary therapy that looks at the nutritional imbalances of an individual and the effects that they may have on their health. Nutritional therapy uses nutrition science to support health, performance and individual care. Nutritional therapists work with clients to create personalised and optimal diet and lifestyle programmes that support their health by achieving balance.

Nutritional therapy can be applied to everyone, from those who want to enhance their health and well-being, to those who are experiencing chronic conditions such as Alzheimer's, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis. Nutritional therapy may help in the management of a wide range of health-related matters including poor energy levels, stress, digestive health, hormonal imbalance, nutrient deficiency, systemic inflammation and weight management.

We also offer womens health specialist nutritional therapy - please scroll down.

What can you expect from a nutritional therapy programme at Fix?

You and your nutritional therapist will work together to investigate your current lifestyle, and any potential underlying issues or imbalances in your diet to help find the root cause of any health problems. Then you'll work together to create a 'health optimisation plan' addressing the issues or imbalances you've found and building towards your health goals. This involves working with real and natural foods, as well as reviewing and addressing lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress or physical exercise.

Nutritional therapy is a process that takes time. Normally you'll be working with a nutritional therapist over about 12 weeks, in order to understand your health concerns and goals, and to work through a new eating plan that will address any potential nutritional imbalances. The nutritional therapist will be there along the way with tools to help you successfully implement and maintain changes in your eating habits and lifestyle. This provides more satisfactory results than just a ‘one-off’ appointment, which is unlikely to help you long term.

A nutritional therapy programme will typically involve the following elements:

·       Initial personal consultation, including an in-depth health, lifestyle and food diary assessment

·       Personalised nutrition advice and supplement plan (if supplements are needed)

·       Current medication and nutrient interaction evaluation, if applicable

·       Recommendation and interpretation of clinical and functional tests, where taken

·       Follow up consultations – face to face, Skype, or over the phone

·       Mini progress review calls

·       Email support

·       Personalised menu planning and recipes

Womens Health Specialist Nutritional Therapy

This package is for all women that are looking to get pregnant, have been trying to get pregnant or undergoing IVF

Researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School have confirmed that Nutrition can increase the chances of getting pregnant and help maintain a healthier pregnancy. With a functional medicine approach, Alessandra, our Women's Health Nutritional Therapy Specialist, will look to correct the imbalances and give to the body the tools to heal itself. (R. and A. Shmerling, 2018)

The aim is to create a fertile environment and cultivate health, for a baby to be conceived but also for you to thrive physically and emotionally.

Alessandra specialises in helping women through the fertile years, in preparing for pregnancy, be it through natural conception or assisted reproduction. 

There are specific conditions that are linked with fertility challenges like PCOS, endometriosis, and fibroids. Menstrual irregularities, PMS (including breast tenderness, moodiness, depression, abdominal cramping, bloating, food cravings & headaches), coming off the pill, acne, difficulty losing weight, anxiety, low libido, hair thinning can all be symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Nutritional therapy can be extremely helpful in improving or overcoming these conditions.

The initial treatment is over 3 sessions and costs £300:

1) Initial session (total 90min: 60min that will take place in the clinic and 30min explanation of nutrition plan on the phone)

2) 2 x follow up sessions (total 75 mins: 45 min in the clinic and 30min explanation of nutrition plan on the phone)

Why 3 sessions? 

When working on women's hormones it takes about three months to see a change in their health and in balancing the hormones. 

In fact, it's interesting to know: it takes about three months for a sperm to develop and three months for an egg to ripen. The health of our children starts with the health of their parents. A female fetus is born with all the eggs she will ever have in her lifetime. So when your Grandmother was carrying your mother in her womb, you were a tiny egg in your Mother's ovaries.

It's never too soon to start to feel better. 

Our environment, today, poses many risks, the good news is that by creating awareness towards nutrition and lifestyle choices, it's possible to make impactful changes which will optimise our own health, but also create a healthy environment in which to plant a growing child. 

The treatment plan is decided on together. This will reflect your individual needs and your unique set of circumstances.

More sessions may be needed in case we are working with more deep-rooted issues or if you have just come off the contraceptive pill.

*Alessandra may request further tests and the use of supplements (not included in price)