Neil Franklin

sports Massage therapist

Neil has a passion for staying active. He has taught and trained in martial arts as well as enjoying taking part in many triathlons. It was Neil's own experience of sports injuries and the benefit of manual therapy that led him, after many years of working in the City, to train as a Sport and Remedial Soft Tissue Massage Therapist.

Soft Tissue Therapy is the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries, whether they are the result of sport, work or daily activities.

Through fully assessing his patient's problems, and the underlying causes, Neil is able to carry out a course of treatment tailored to each patient's needs using a range of techniques including Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular techniques and Deep Tissue Massage. Neil can also offer simple remedial and preventative exercises to work into your daily routine.

The aim is always to assist patients in getting back to a full and active lifestyle, free from pain. Neil works closely with his patients to ensure that they receive a treatment shaped to do just that. This personalised approach has yielded fantastic results with patients from sporting and non-sporting backgrounds alike.

Neil has a Level 5 qualification in Sport and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy