Lex Posie

Massage therapist

Lex is a Canadian trained massage therapist with a passion for staying active, and an interest in preventative health care. Using outcome-based massage techniques, she targets specific client concerns and works with you on achieving your wellness goals. 

After completing the 3 year advanced massage therapy program in Ontario (2012), she moved to set up her own practice in Rome, Italy.  Residing in a foreign country she faced new challenges and discovered the importance of communication.  

In February 2014, Lex moved to London and started working for The Jumeirah Group at a 5 star health club and hotel called The Peak. Here she treated a diverse client base. With a passion for sports massage, she enjoyed being a part of the fitness world. 

After nearly 2 years, Lex wanted to change her focus to a more clinical approach/environment at a sports injury clinic and move away from the hospitality world. 

Lex covers a range of treatments including sports massage, deep tissue, pregnancy, MLD, and relaxation. Lex believes achieving wellness goals is ongoing effort and that optimal results are achieved with the combination of completing home care as well as receiving massage. Lex is eager to share her knowledge of the human body and is excited to be a part of the fix philosophy.