Laetitia Marendon

Sports Massage therapist

Laetitia was first introduced to healing and massage 10 years ago, during a 3 year stint travelling in Mexico and Nicaragua . Since then, she has been roaming the world exploring new techniques, studying massage, yoga and Vipassana meditation.

In London, she qualified with a distinction in ITEC Holistic and Swedish Massage. She is trained in Deep Tissue and Acupressure Chair Massage. She then deepened her knowledge by qualifying as a Sport Massage and Remedial Therapist. During the same time, Laetitia has been going to Thailand at numerous occasion to learn The Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and Advanced Thai techniques.

With years of practical experience and travelling back and forth to Asia and Mexico, Laetitia has become increasingly holistic, combining spirituality and medical knowledge. Every massage is a unique journey and is an opportunity to reconnect mind, body and spirit. Listening to people's needs and history is the first step towards an effective treatment.

Laetitia Is currently studying Osteopathy at University College of Osteopath

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