Lower Leg

Shin splints: the layer of tissue covering the shin bone becomes inflamed

  • Symptoms: dull, aching pain in the shin that is felt during or after activity, may become very painful if not treated
  • Causes: running on hard or slopes surfaces, poorly fitted shoes, being overweight, flat feet, weak ankles, tight calves, tight Achilles tendon, activities that start and stop rapidly such as basketball

Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction: tendon on the back of the calf becomes inflamed, sometimes resulting in flatfoo

  • Symptoms: pain along the inside or outside of the ankle and foot that is worse with activity
  • Causes: overuse, a sudden injury such as a fall

Compartment syndrome: an enclosed bundle of muscle bleeds or swell

  • Symptoms: tingling or burning feeling in the skin when the calf is stretched, tight-feeling muscles, cramping during exercise, difficulty moving the foot, muscle bulging
  • Causes: sudden blow to the calf, repetitive motion

Strained (pulled) calf: muscle fibers of one of the calf tea

  • Symptoms: pain when bending pointing the foot, swelling, bruising, muscles spasms
  • Causes: inadequate warming up, poor stretching, muscle weakness, poor footwear, recurrent injury to the area

Calf contusions: muscles of the calf crush against the tibia and fibula

  • Symptoms: pain at the site of injury on the front of the calf, bruising, swelling, restricted movement
  • Causes: direct blow to the calf