Sara Slide

Hypnobirthing Teacher

Sara had a positive birth when her son was born but experienced up close the challenges of the NHS and it’s medicalised approach to childbirth, as well as the popular notion that childbirth is an inevitably painful experience.

Sara used Hypnobirthing techniques suggested to her by a friend and it was these small pieces of advice that really helped her to navigate the medical system and to have a positive birth experience.

Realising after her son’s birth how integral these techniques had been, she looked into Hypnobirthing in more detail- reading books and speaking to people about their own Hypnobirthing experiences - and realised that the techniques she had used were just the tip of the iceberg. She was astounded by the way that the skills that Hypnobirthing provides, along with the knowledge of how the body works in childbirth, can free women from the fear often felt about childbirth, enabling them to look forward to the birth of their child and to have incredibly empowering, positive birth experiences. 

And so she knew she had to be part of it! Sara carried out her training with Katherine Graves (founder of KGHypnobirthing- the original UK Hypnobirthing course) and began in her mission to empower women and their partners to experience childbirth as the wonderful, natural experience it is. 

Sara Slide Hypnobirthing Fix East Village