What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing offers you a broad antenatal education, intended to help you feel calm and in control through childbirth. It provides knowledge and skills that will enable you to release fear and to trust your body, your instincts and your baby.

The Fearless Birth Hypnobirthing Course

Fearless Birth Hypnobirthing @ FIX is a two-week course that will empower you to approach the birth of your child with a positive mindset.  We'll talk about how to get the best from the healthcare system and will provide support right up to the birth to answer any questions that may arise.


What you will learn:

  • The information to enable you to have a positive mindset about birth, so that you can feel excited about it and look forward to meeting your baby

  • Your partner will learn the best way to support you during pregnancy, your birth and the hours following the birth of your baby.

  • Breathing techniques for a calm and effective birth

  • The established medical knowledge behind Hypnobirthing

  • Deep relaxations, visualisations and affirmations to help you release fear and build confidence

  • Massage techniques to encourage the release of oxytocin

  • How to effectively navigate the British medical system and calmly deal with the unexpected

  • How to encourage your baby into the best position for birth

  • Additional tools to assist you in birth such as homeopathy and aromatherapy

What you will receive:

  • The Calm Birth book

  • An MP3 of Birth and Calmness Relaxations

  • A pack of comprehensive information including advice on pregnancy nutrition, what to pack for hospital, a list of doulas and independent midwives recommended

  • A Whatsapp group to connect you with the group of mums and dads in your Hypnobirthing class

  • Support by phone and email until your baby arrives

  • 10 hours of in-depth material

Courses consist of 2 x 4 hour sessions running on consecutive Sundays from 1.30pm- 5.30pm.

The course price for you and a birth partner if you would like to bring one is £345

Upcoming course dates are below. Please call us on 020 8555 7165 or visit www.fearlessbirthlondon.com to book your place or for more information.

July course (July 21st and 28th)

August course (August 11th and 18th)

September course (September 8th and 15th)

Private courses are also available

Hypnobirthing at Fix

Sara Slide Hypnobirthing Fix East Village

Sara had a positive birth experience when her son was born but felt challenged in her antenatal care by an overly medicalised approach to childbirth, as well as the popular notion that childbirth is an inevitably painful experience.

Sara used Hypnobirthing techniques suggested to her by a friend and it was these small pieces of advice that really helped her to navigate the medical system and to have a positive birth experience.

Realising after her son’s birth how integral these techniques had been, she looked into Hypnobirthing in more detail- reading books and speaking to people about their own Hypnobirthing experiences - and realised that the techniques she had used were just the tip of the iceberg. She was astounded that the skills that Hypnobirthing provides, along with the knowledge of how the body works in childbirth, can free women from the fear often felt about childbirth, enabling them to look forward to the birth of their child and to have incredibly empowering, positive birth experiences. 

And so she knew she had to be part of it! Sara carried out her training with Katherine Graves (founder of KGHypnobirthing- the original UK Hypnobirthing course) and began in her mission to empower women and their partners to experience childbirth as the wonderful, natural experience it is.