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Know your Pelvic Floor Workshop
5:00 PM17:00

Know your Pelvic Floor Workshop



Most women will experience some form of pelvic floor dysfunction in their lifetime. Some through childbirth or injury, others through the process of ageing.

With the integration of pelvic floor activation and awareness into our exercise, yoga, daily activities and sports, we can restore, build and maintain proper pelvic floor function, for life.

Did you know that back and hip pain can also be a root cause of pelvic floor dysfunction?

This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills to both strengthen and stabilise the muscles of your pelvis, pelvic floor and the muscles that support your posture. You will learn how to properly activate the muscles of the glutes and hips, the back and abdominals.

You will also learn the important role the feet play in pelvic floor health.

The intention of the workshop is to equip you with the knowledge to build your own practice, or to incorporate some new learnings into your current exercise routine and yoga practice.

The workshop will begin with a warm-up and theory, followed by an accessible but targeted strength class. The session finishes with time for Q+A and relaxation.

A course handout is included for home exercise. Class numbers are limited so book early.


All abilities welcome | £25

The workshop runs at Fix Studio on Wednesday 21st August 2019, 5-7pm.

Alice, one of our finest and first Strength and Conditioning Rehabilitation specialists will be returning to London to teach this especially for you. Do NOT miss it!

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Coaching the Post-Natal Client
2:00 PM14:00

Coaching the Post-Natal Client


A 2 hour workshop for Fitness Professionals and Personal Trainers focussing on safe and effective management of post-natal fitness clients.

This evidence-based interactive session will provide key tips and skills to help you improve your work with this important client group and a certificate for 2 hours CPD will be provided.

Get ready to up your game!

  • Would you like to deepen your knowledge of post-natal rehab?

  • Are you keen to help and retain these clients and improve word of mouth recommendations?

  • How can you best help new mums safely connect back to their core foundations so they feel stronger and stay injury free ?

Join us to explore how to progress women safely and effectively back from pregnancy and childbirth, to the level of fitness they strive for.



The process of pregnancy and childbirth is both miraculous and extremely demanding for the mother.  Huge changes occur within a mother’s body as she nurtures and delivers her child.


Significant alteration to muscle composition, ligamentous laxity, joint stability, blood volume, visceral tone and a host of other important body processes means safe and effective coaching of a post-partum client requires skill and a sound knowledge base.  This course aims to provide a basic understanding of key areas relevant to the general personal trainer/fitness professional .

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What you will learn about:

  • Physiological changes of the mother during pregnancy as they pertain to the musculo-skeletal system

  • The Birth process: associated risks, potential injuries and considerations relating to return to physical activity / training.

  • Common post-natal conditions such as abdominal diastasis, stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.  How to screen for these conditions and modify your fitness program accordingly.

  • Optimal alignment and breathing techniques to promote the core connection and healing after having a baby.


  • Tips on how to help connect post-natal women to their pelvic floor and use it effectively during their fitness sessions and home practice.

  • C-section recovery and how to work with this group.

  • Exercise modifications for those breastfeeding and those with pelvic pain.

  • Top Tips to progress mums back to running/weight training or high impact exercise:   When, how soon, how much..?

The course will be hosted by Niamh Burn (Pelvic Health Physiotherapist), Nicki Brown (Specialist pre and postnatal PT, massage therapist and pre/postnatal teacher at Fix / Frame / &Breathe) and Luke Selby - Osteopath, Sports Coach and Director at Fix.

This is a workshop for health and fitness professionals. The course runs at Fix Studio on Wednesday 30th Jan 2019, from 2.00 pm until 4.00pm and costs £25.

A certificate for 2 hours CPD will be issued to all attendees.

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