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RUNZEN: Mindfulness for Runners. Module 1: Foundation and Focus

  • FIX STUDIO Arthaus, 199 Richmond Road London, E8 3NJ United Kingdom (map)

Fix has partnered with RUNZEN ( to host another of their popular 3 hour Mindfulness for Runners foundation workshop.

Whether you are an experienced runner or just starting out, these workshops introduce mindfulness skills that can help you to:

·      run with more enjoyment and presence

·      prevent injury through learning good running form, and

·      find greater all-round wellbeing


Why combine mindfulness with running?

The benefits for the health of both body and mind when we run are widely known and understood, with studies indicating that running may help prevent obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure, as well as boosting sleep quality and mood.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in mindfulness as a means to support our mental health and wellbeing. Research is now linking regular and sustained mindfulness practice with a decrease in the incidence of depression, anxiety, and stress. It can also improve the ability to regulate our emotions and help increase focus and attention.

Stuart doing some of what he does best!

Stuart doing some of what he does best!

RUNZEN’s passion is to give course participants the skills to sustain mindfulness and presence when we run, bringing a sense of curiosity and exploration, so that we can enjoy the benefits of running as a fully integrated body-mind experience.

What does Module 1 cover?

Module 1 is an introduction to mindful running which will equip you with the basic tools and practices that you can then explore in your running and daily life.

The mindful running instruction has two main components: the foundation and focus. The module begins with mindfulness meditations in stillness and gentle movement, helping to build the foundation through cultivating relaxation and greater awareness of our body and mind states. We will then explore the components of good running form before enjoying an easy-paced run around the nearby London Fields, learning how to apply a focus to our mindful running.

Participants will receive a follow up email with supporting materials and will also then be able to participate in a Module 2 RUNZEN workshop as well as their free community runs throughout the year.

How fit do I need to be?

You should be able to run for up to 25 minutes without the need for frequent stops. The running pace will be deliberately slow and the mindful running practice includes occasional short pauses.

Cesare in Hackney’s Victoria Park

Cesare in Hackney’s Victoria Park

RUNZEN instructors Stuart McLeod and Cesare Saguato have many years combined experience in running, mindfulness meditation and professional training in run coaching, mindfulness teaching and psychotherapy including with Bangor and Oxford University and Kent and Medway NHS. Through all this, they have learnt that the integration of mind-body awareness can improve mental health and running simultaneously for greater all-round wellbeing and are passionate about sharing this with you.


"Great experience and well designed content, delivered in a thoughtful and sensitive way.”

“Restored a sense of joy to my running. Feel now i can just run for the joy of it and not be constantly beating myself up for not performing or doing as well as I think I should be.”

“I am very interested in connecting mind with body and this course provided an ideal opportunity to explore that interest. The experience of running with a different mindset and attitude was revealing.”

“RUNZEN is more than just about running. It guides to experience the joy of movement and stop being judgemental towards yourself. Very liberating sensation. The course is well structured and the instructors clearly are passionate about what they do. I would recommend it to anyone who likes running, irrelevant of the level they are at.”

“I will be reflecting more on my habitual ways of thinking and how this affects my experience. I am going to continue to try to apply the skills we learnt to running and life in general.” 

The RUNZEN mindfulness course is £40 for 3 hours