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Yoga for Back Pain - 5 Week Course

  • Fix Studio 199 Richmond Rd London, E8 3NJ United Kingdom (map)

This 5 week yoga course is designed specifically for those who experience low back pain.  

How can yoga help low back pain?

Yoga is a mind-body practice that addresses both the physical and cognitive factors that influence back pain.  

On a physical level, yoga can increase strength, stamina and flexibility, helping you to return to doing whatever you need to do, whether it is cycle to work, carry your kids or get through the day at your desk.

On a psychological level, yoga can facilitate relaxation and promote greater mind-body awareness, helping you to address fear, anxiety and stress that may be contributing to your ongoing back pain.  

What the course will cover

The ‘Yoga for Back Pain’ 5 week course provides you with a safe and supported yoga class where you will receive individual attention and expert guidance. 

  • You will learn how to use gentle flowing movements and longer held stretches to release areas of spasm, tension and tightness in your back, legs and hips.  

  • You will develop awareness of your posture and learn to connect your breath with movement to improve your pelvic and core stability.

  • You will learn poses to safely build strength in your core, legs and back muscles, supporting your recovery and preventing further episodes of low back pain.

  • You will be guided in developing greater awareness of your breath, body and mind.  With greater body awareness, you will learn to distinguish between pain as a physical sensation and your emotional response.  You will also learn to identify and respond to the stressors that may be impacting on your back pain.

  • You will learn techniques for deep relaxation within the class and for everyday life.

To see the maximum benefits of the practice, there will be a recommended home practice sequence to do in between classes.  Bryony will also be available by email and phone to discuss any questions or concerns that arise when practising at home.


Interested in finding out more?

There will be a 2hr ‘Yoga for Back Pain’ workshop with Bryony on Friday 10th May 7-9pm, which will be a taster of this course.

If you cannot attend the workshop, please feel free to contact Bryony ( with any questions about the 5 week course.  She is happy to discuss your condition and how the course could benefit you. 

Bryony Hughes Yoga Fix Studio

About the teacher: The course is led by Bryony Hughes, who is a doctor by background and is training in yoga therapy with the Minded Institute. She uses her teaching as a bridge between medicine and yoga.

Bryony brings a deep understanding of how the body works as well as sensitivity for individual needs and an ability to adapt teaching to those with illness, disability and injury. She is passionate about making yoga accessible for everyone and sharing the therapeutic benefits of the practice.

Suitable for all levels | £25

The course runs at Fix Studio, London Fields. Fridays from 7th June, 12:30pm - 1:30pm

(Course will not run on 2th June or 12th July)