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Postnatal Yoga - 5 Week Course

Postnatal yoga uses yoga techniques to support postnatal recovery and to progress mums safely to stronger and more dynamic physical activity.

Whatever your experience of pregnancy, birth or motherhood, this is a safe and supported space to achieve physical and emotional wellbeing. Mums are welcome with their babies from 6 weeks until they are walking.

What you can expect from the course:

- To realign the pelvis and spine from the changes that occur in pregnancy

- To strengthen and tone your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles

- To safely and gently develop physical strength and stamina

- To relieve tension in the neck & shoulders from feeding/carrying your baby

- To learn simple mind-body techniques for managing stress, anxiety and fatigue

- To learn how to nurture yourself as a new mum

Bryony Hughes Yoga Fix Studio

About the teacher: The course is led by Bryony Hughes, who has a background as a doctor and is training to be a yoga therapist. She brings a deep understanding of how the body works as well as a sensitivity for individual needs.

As a mum of two, Bryony has learnt to adapt her yoga practice to meet the changing demands of her life. Bryony is passionate about supporting women in rebuilding strength and confidence in their bodies as well as creating a space for connection and community.

Suitable for all levels | £50 for 5 weeks

The course runs at Fix Studio on Wednesdays 11am-12pm. Starting April 24th 2019.