Reconnect to your Core
2:00 PM14:00

Reconnect to your Core

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Our core is a direct link to the body's wellbeing and a healthy life. This mellow workshop will help you connect to your core and embrace it.

Pilates teacher Eleah Waters will guide you through an exploration of deep core connection and centering. Indulge in stacking the skeleton, energetically ground down into your feet and welcome yourself home in your own skin. A warming afternoon of restoration, rebalance and core discovery.


Suitable for all levels | £25

The workshop runs at Fix Studio on Saturday 11th May 2019, 2-4pm.

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Yoga for Cyclists 6 week course
7:00 PM19:00

Yoga for Cyclists 6 week course


This course is specifically designed to address the physical tendencies that develop in cyclists. You'll work to correct the imbalance created by repeated overexertion of some muscle groups and underutilisation of others.

Throughout the course you'll learn to how to build postural strength, counterbalance the cycling posture, lengthen commonly overworked muscle groups and increase mobility in the joints that suffer from reduced mobility during cycling

The principal aim is for you to learn how to strengthen and stretch mindfully in class so that you can apply these skills when back on the bike and keep commonly developed cycle related injuries at bay


Led by Rebecca Bogue, this 6 week course starts Monday March 4th for 6 weeks



Rebecca is trained in various forms of Dance, Anatomy & Physiology, Yoga Teacher Training (with Tripsichore founder Edward Clark and Elizabeth Connolly) and Yoga for Runners Teacher Training (with Christine Felstead).

Since 2008, she has taught Yoga to various groups of students in London – cyclists, triathletes, actors, dancers, ME sufferers and children. Rebecca believes that yoga has the potential to be transformational to all who are open to embodiment.

Having cycled regularly for 25 years (mostly commuting and various annual long distance rides), practiced yoga for 20 and taught anatomy & physiology for 8, it made sense whilst doing her yoga teacher training to bring all disciplines together. What started off as simply a written assignment, gradually developed into a programme specifically designed to help cyclists.

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The Fix Running Masterclass
12:30 PM12:30

The Fix Running Masterclass


Please join us for a half-day workshop for runners of all levels.

If you're deep in preparation for marathon season, have returned to running after some time off or perhaps are panicking about the fact that you've signed up for a half-marathon (we've been there), this workshop will give you the skills to reach your goal.

We'll be covering:

  • The importance of cross training for injury prevention and performance enhancement

  • The role of psychology and physiology in achieving your goals

  • How to embed movement patterns as you run

  • The key elements of running to optimise speed and efficiency

You'll then work with the coaches to individually assess your running and get specialised tips on how to improve your movement with drills, strength work or specific cues. 

The workshop will be hosted by Steve Hobbs (Running coach), Joe Dale (Osteopath and ultra runner), Paddy Joyce (Osteopath) and Luke Selby (Osteopath and performance coach)

Helen & treadmill.jpg

The course runs at Fix Studio on Sunday 3rd March 2019, from 12.30pm until 4.30pm and costs £65.

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RUNZEN:  Mindfulness for Runners.  Module 1:  Foundation and Focus
9:30 AM09:30

RUNZEN: Mindfulness for Runners. Module 1: Foundation and Focus


Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the UK. Studies suggest a range of benefits for the health of our body and mind when we run. These include helping prevent obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure, and boosting sleep quality and mood.

In recent years, there has also been a growing interest in mindfulness. Research is linking a regular and sustained mindfulness practice with a decrease in the incidence of depression, anxiety and stress. It can also improve the ability to regulate our emotions, and help increase our focus and attention.

Mindfulness for Runners combines the benefits of both running and mindfulness into an integrated whole for more enjoyable runs and greater all round well-being whether on the cushion, on the trail or in everyday life. So, where to begin...


In this morning session, Fix has partnered with mindful running RUNZEN ( to host a three-hour foundation workshop. RUNZEN instructors Stuart McCleod and Cesare Saguato will introduce participants to the key elements needed to bring a mindful awareness to the experience of the body and mind whilst running.

The module includes mindfulness meditations in stillness, gentle movement and running. RUNZEN will guide you through a range of mindfulness practices before enjoying an easy-paced run around the nearby London Fields.

The mindful running instruction has two components: the foundation and focus. To run with mindfulness requires that we establish and maintain a foundation based on good posture, relaxation and body awareness, which has the added benefit of injury prevention. We will then introduce how to apply a specific focus for mindful running.

MODULE 1 is an introduction to RUNZEN and Mindfulness for Runners and will equip you with the basic tools and practices that you can then explore in running and life. Participants will receive a follow up email with supporting materials and will also then be able to participate in RUNZEN’s FREE COMMUNITY RUNS throughout the year.

Bringing mindful awareness to our experience can help us move beyond engaging with the world on autopilot as we learn to meet the present moment with openness, joy and curiosity. By employing techniques of mindfulness, runnings move beyond the status of a mere physical activity to become a fully integrated body-mind experience.

Stuart doing some of what he does best!

Stuart doing some of what he does best!

Cesare in Hackney’s Victoria Park

Cesare in Hackney’s Victoria Park

Stuart and Cesare have many years combined experience in running, mindfulness meditation and professional training in coaching, mindfulness teaching and psychotherapy including with Bangor and Oxford University and Kent and Medway NHS. Through all this, they have learnt that the integration of mind-body awareness can improve mental health and running simultaneously for greater all-round well-being and are passionate about sharing this with you.


"Great experience and well designed content, delivered in a thoughtful and sensitive way.”

“Restored a sense of joy to my running. Feel now i can just run for the joy of it and not be constantly beating myself up for not performing or doing as well as I think I should be.”

“I am very interested in connecting mind with body and this course provided an ideal opportunity to explore that interest. The experience of running with a different mindset and attitude was revealing.”

“RUNZEN is more than just about running. It guides to experience the joy of movement and stop being judgemental towards yourself. Very liberating sensation. The course is well structured and the instructors clearly are passionate about what they do. I would recommend it to anyone who likes running, irrelevant of the level they are at.”

“I will be reflecting more on my habitual ways of thinking and how this affects my experience. I am going to continue to try to apply the skills we learnt to running and life in general.” 

This course will run on the same morning as Fix Studio hosts its afternoon Yoga for Runners workshop. The RUNZEN mindfulness course is £30 for 3 hours. Or attend the whole day and access both sessions for a reduced rate of £50.

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The February 28 Day Full Body Reset
to Mar 3

The February 28 Day Full Body Reset

Fix 28 day challenge - fruit.jpg

Join us in February for a 28 day programme of carefully balanced nutritional support combined with beautifully programmed cleansing and toning exercise classes. The Fix 28 Day Full Body Reset runs from Sunday 3rd Feb and gives you the opportunity to create great new habits of nutrition and movement and optimise YOUR health in 2019.

Fix Studio Portait.jpg

Give yourself the best start to the year, rise to the challenge: Reset your metabolism and reboot your body! All for just £89.

Access to the programme includes:

Fix challenge - meal 1.jpg
  • A Kickstarter resource pack including a flexible meal planner and recipes

  • UNLIMITED breakfast and lunchtime yoga classes for 28 days at both Fix Studio, London Fields E8 and at Fix East Village, E20 (classes must be booked by phone in advance, subject to availability)

  • Peer-to-peer and therapist support via a closed online Facebook Group.

  • Daily motivational tips and help from Fix’s Nutritional Therapist Nuria Rodriguez

  • Online Q&A to help deal with any questions or challenges

  • Optional comprehensive body stats and goal-setting at the beginning and end of the programme (stats taken in person on 3rd Feb and 3rd March at Fix East Village).

Nuria explains more about the 28 Day Reset and why she feels this combination will be so successful over on the FIX BLOG (click here).

Previous participants have said;

“It really works to have the sense of support and solidarity from the virtual group”

“I felt before I signed up that 28 days is a really manageable period. And after it finished I found that I naturally wanted to carry on with the good habits. I feel great!”

The body achieves what the mind believes! And we BELIEVE you can do this!

Fix challenge - team hands

The programme runs from Sunday 3rd February - Sunday 3rd March & is available from just £89.

To book your place call us on 020 8555 7165 or 020 8986 5551 or email us and we’ll get right back to you.

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Coaching the Post-Natal Client
2:00 PM14:00

Coaching the Post-Natal Client


A 2 hour workshop for Fitness Professionals and Personal Trainers focussing on safe and effective management of post-natal fitness clients.

This evidence-based interactive session will provide key tips and skills to help you improve your work with this important client group and a certificate for 2 hours CPD will be provided.

Get ready to up your game!

  • Would you like to deepen your knowledge of post-natal rehab?

  • Are you keen to help and retain these clients and improve word of mouth recommendations?

  • How can you best help new mums safely connect back to their core foundations so they feel stronger and stay injury free ?

Join us to explore how to progress women safely and effectively back from pregnancy and childbirth, to the level of fitness they strive for.



The process of pregnancy and childbirth is both miraculous and extremely demanding for the mother.  Huge changes occur within a mother’s body as she nurtures and delivers her child.


Significant alteration to muscle composition, ligamentous laxity, joint stability, blood volume, visceral tone and a host of other important body processes means safe and effective coaching of a post-partum client requires skill and a sound knowledge base.  This course aims to provide a basic understanding of key areas relevant to the general personal trainer/fitness professional .

oscar-soderlund-591454-unsplash (1).jpg

What you will learn about:

  • Physiological changes of the mother during pregnancy as they pertain to the musculo-skeletal system

  • The Birth process: associated risks, potential injuries and considerations relating to return to physical activity / training.

  • Common post-natal conditions such as abdominal diastasis, stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.  How to screen for these conditions and modify your fitness program accordingly.

  • Optimal alignment and breathing techniques to promote the core connection and healing after having a baby.


  • Tips on how to help connect post-natal women to their pelvic floor and use it effectively during their fitness sessions and home practice.

  • C-section recovery and how to work with this group.

  • Exercise modifications for those breastfeeding and those with pelvic pain.

  • Top Tips to progress mums back to running/weight training or high impact exercise:   When, how soon, how much..?

The course will be hosted by Niamh Burn (Pelvic Health Physiotherapist), Nicki Brown (Specialist pre and postnatal PT, massage therapist and pre/postnatal teacher at Fix / Frame / &Breathe) and Luke Selby - Osteopath, Sports Coach and Director at Fix.

This is a workshop for health and fitness professionals. The course runs at Fix Studio on Wednesday 30th Jan 2019, from 2.00 pm until 4.00pm and costs £25.

A certificate for 2 hours CPD will be issued to all attendees.

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Moving Resolution into Action - A Yoga Workshop for all levels
11:00 AM11:00

Moving Resolution into Action - A Yoga Workshop for all levels


Ever wondered what your body needs? Have you started a movement practice in 2019? Perhaps now is the time?

Led by Rosana Fiore, this 2 hour yoga workshop is designed for all. Take your new years resolutions and start them in a way that will benefit you for life.

Fix Studio Shoot 01_1244.jpg

Understand the basics of this form of movement and safely apply them to meet your (physical) needs. Learn to understand your body and respond to what it is telling you. Start a practice that can improve the body in a way you may have never done before.

Iyengar yoga is a methodic approach that helps us reconnect with our body. Whether you're looking to recover from an injury, regain your range of motion or simply put your socks on with ease every morning, come to this workshop at Fix Studio -- Fulfilment guaranteed.

PS. Expect a nice stretch and a bit of humour.

All levels welcomed.

Sunday 27th January 11:00am - 1:00pm £20


Teacher: Rosana Fiore is a certified Yoga teacher with years of practice and teaching in South America, Europe, and Asia. She's proud to carry on the Iyengar lineage and teaches at Fix Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

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