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Yoga teacher, physiotherapist and clinic director Helen O'Neill has been at the helm of Fix for the past 4 years. 

After a spell in the Rockies treating some of Canada's elite winter athletes Helen returned to the UK committed to replicating a top sports-injury environment available to all.  

find out more about fix's evolution below.

Helen, what is Fix all about?

Fix is about providing the tools to allow someone to Fix themselves, or at least to reach their highest level of physical health possible.  We really embrace the team ethic and try and provide the very best evidence informed physical healthcare in a friendly and nurturing environment.

And what's unique about the Fix ethos..?

We enjoy being a little bit different...  I worked in Canada with some amazing athletes and therapists and saw the way a multi-disciplinary team could come together, using all their different skills for the good of the person that needed their "Fix'.  I realised that this wasn't readily available for the regular person who likes to keep fit and healthy. So I returned to the UK with a mission to create a space with really talented therapists all under one roof.  Our patients and clients really seem to like it, they don't have to re-tell their story to a new person each visit and that there is a clear clinical pathway in place to help them achieve their goals - whatever they may be.

 Sounds interesting...

We like it!  Our Philosophy can be described as 'The Organic Mechanical' which we try and reflect in everything we do.  You can read lots more about it on our website HERE but in essence, its about mixing the mechanical and the organic in our approach to health.  We provide logical, clinically reasoned, physical solutions in all our therapies (the 'Mechanical') but we are also driven by the understanding that everyone we see is a unique individual. We all need solutions that are tailored to us specifically, that take in to account a whole range of factors which may contribute to a specific challenge we face.  There's an incredible new wave of research in neuroscience and pain science which brilliantly compliments the existing evidence-informed approach we take to helping people feel physically better.


1:1 Yoga with Helen

1:1 Yoga with Helen


And why Fix East Village?

When we were approached to set up our second clinic here in E20 it just felt perfect on so many levels: 
Our London Fields clinic is really thriving and we were thinking hard about what our next steps might be.  
We're hugely proud of having our roots in East London at a time of enormous change for the better - we get involved in local events and like contributing to local charities.
And, though we like to think we can help just about anyone make a positive change in their lives, we definitely have a keen sports focus. 
Put all of those things together and having the opportunity to open a new clinic in the former Athlete's Village for 2012, in the midst of all this incredible social and sporting legacy was just too good to refuse.  We're really glad to be here, everyone's been really welcoming and it seems like people might enjoy having us around
We're down there, somewhere!

We're down there, somewhere!

Entrants for the Capital Tri 'Fix' Splash and Dash

Entrants for the Capital Tri 'Fix' Splash and Dash


What are you most excited about in the new clinic?

Wow - there's lots!  We have put together a really brilliant team here at East Village which we are really proud of.  We have everything from physiotherapy to acupuncture and lots else besides and we're already sharing our expertise among the team for the good of the people that have come in to see us.

Plus, we've got a wonderful gym space holding a range of fantastic classes all aimed at improving how we move, improving strength and flexibility and most of all helping us feel good!  I'm really excited about the future of Fix - do pop in for a chat when you walk by.

Classes  at Fix East Village

Classes at Fix East Village


---all E20 RESIDENTS receive a £10 discount on hour long appointments at fix EAST VILLAGE---