Björg Hermannsdóttir

Counselling psychologist

Originally from Iceland, Björg has lived and worked in several places over the past 12 years. Prior to arriving in London, she spent eight years in the United States where she became intrigued by the social and cultural context of mental health. After landing in the UK, she volunteered with the Women and Girls Network supporting survivors of gender-based violence and spent two years with IAPT (a community mental health service run by the NHS) in North London.

Bjorg is an HCPC registered Counselling Psychologist and a chartered member of the British Psychological Society.

Having trained as a Counselling Psychologist, Bjorg is familiar with several different approaches to psychological therapy. While CBT and EMDR are at the centre of much of her work, she also draws from other theories and styles of therapy when that may fit better with a person’s needs.

Björg has assisted people with a wide range of concerns, including common difficulties such as low mood, stress, and anxiety, as well as personal crises, identity concerns, relationship difficulties, past traumas, suicidal feelings, and overwhelming emotions.

From the start of the first session, you can expect Björg to interact with you in a warm, non-judgmental and direct manner, and to explore collaboratively with you the concerns that have brought you into therapy. While you will likely be challenged to discuss uncomfortable experiences, Björg will also ensure that the work proceeds at a pace that feels manageable to you. She will encourage you to participate actively in the therapy work, for example by taking what has been discussed and applying it to different situations in your life. Finally, she will check in regularly about your satisfaction with the work and about your experience in sessions to make sure it is moving in a good direction.

Outside therapy hours, Björg can be found somewhere among trees in one of the many parks of London, cycling past traffic jams, spending time with friends, signing up for adventures, or sharing moments of zen with her cat.

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