CLASSes @ East Village

We have a small but perfectly formed studio space in our light-filled East Village clinic. With classes including dynamic yoga, Pilates mat work and postnatal strength & conditioning, there something for everyone looking for a movement Fix.

With just 9 people maximum in each class, the teachers are able to give you careful guidance. This does, however,  mean that classes fill up fast so please book online to reserve your place.

The Fix East Village studio is fully equipped with mats, weights and props.

To book, follow the links below, phone us or click here and go to the GROUP SESSIONS tab.

Online bookings close 2 hours before the start of the class, if you'd like to book after this cut off, please call the clinic on 0208 555 7165.

Dynamic Flow Yoga

Jessie Reece Bloch

A dynamic practice, with a focus on mindful strength and body awareness. Flowing and strong but always led by the breath, expect to explore movement, strengthen and stretch your body. You’ll be guided through carefully sequenced series of postures before closing with deep relaxation.

Adaptable to all bodies, these classes are perfect for anyone wanting to move their body and quiet their mind.

Mixed level and open to all.

Lunch Yoga

Helena Crabtree

Laura Jessett

Jessie Reece Bloch

A chance to decompress and destress in the middle of your day. Our Lunch Yoga classes incorporate the flowing movement, mindful strength and careful alignment of our Dynamic Flow classes in a bite sized 45-minute practice, designed to get you out of your head and back into your body.

Mixed level and open to all.

Pilates Fix Up

Rianne Harper

A Pilates mat work class designed to support and strengthen your whole body. It uses precise alignment, fluid movement and awareness of breath to help promote stability, control and coordination, and leave you feeling knitted back together.

Great for all Pilates lovers, newbies and anyone recovering from injury.

Mixed level and open to all.

Hatha Flow Yoga

Chloe Brown

Hatha Flow is an alignment-focused practice that balances longer holds of asana (poses) with breath-led movement. There is an emphasis on breath, strength, balance and awareness of sensation within the poses. Modifications can and will be provided for postures to enable you to adapt the practice to your body.

A good class for those wanting more time to feel into the poses, new and experienced students alike.

Mixed level and open to all.

Yoga for Sports Recovery

Helena Crabtree

Swimming, running, cycling, competitive frisbee...however you play, this is a yoga class to help you recover. You’ll stretch out and lengthen muscles, build strength and create stability so that you can take it off the mat and into the rest of your sporting life.

Great for professionals and weekend warriors alike, and anyone working with a sports injury.

Mixed level and open to all.

Fix Fit

Ange Du Boulay

A combination of Pilates and Strength & Conditioning that will leave you feeling like you've strengthened and realigned your whole body. Expect to get strong and sweaty! Improve core and limb strength, play with different ways of moving and find a softness that allows for efficient, easy movement.

The one for those who want a strong, fun, sweaty class.

Mixed level and open to all.

Slow Flow Yoga

Helena Crabtree

A class with slow, strong movement and a focus on creating a deep connection to the breath. Playing with the balance between effort and ease, you’ll move slowly through a flowing sequence, giving you the opportunity to strengthen and explore deeper as you ease through the poses.

Great for those new to yoga or for students wanting to extend their understanding of the practice.

Mixed level and open to all.

Flow & Restore Yoga

Jessie Reece Bloch

Elle Bower Johnston

Beginning with active flow to help warm your body and connect with your breath, this class then eases towards stillness with longer held restorative postures supported by props so that your body can really relax. The flow can be strong or gentle, with options for all levels of practitioners, even those working with injuries.

The class for those who want to release and wind down.

Mixed level and open to all.

Fit for Baby

NiCki Brown

A women-only class designed for pre and postnatal mums. Drawing influence from Pilates and Strength & Conditioning movements, this class aims to connect you to your body, core and pelvic floor.

An opportunity to meet new mums, get back in your body and feel great. Feel free to bring your baby with you, all pre-crawlers welcome.

Mixed level and open to all women