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4 step self-care routine from a Pilates professional

4 step self-care routine from a Pilates professional.

International Self-Care day is all about learning to treat ourselves with love and compassion in order to improve and maintain our health. Therefore, we thought, who better to talk to about self-care than our fantastic and inspirational Pilates teacher, Eleah Waters?

Haul yourself up from the multitasking rabbit-hole: take time out to breathe

Haul yourself up from the multitasking rabbit-hole: take time out to breathe.

Have you ever felt yourself not being able to engage in a conversation without feeling distracted? At some point, each one of us has and we have our smartphones to blame. In the technological age we multitask with such unbridled adamance that it has become common to always be somewhere other than the present moment, enslaved by endless notifications and emails, restlessly awaiting the next ping and buzz from friends or colleagues; meaning all we have left for each act or person we encounter is partial and divided attention.

Top Tips for Good Health from Massage Therapist Jo Pertwee...

Our massage therapist Jo Pertwee shares her top tips for good health.

Do Pilates and Yoga -I am someone who loves to run and cycle and I find the combination of Pilates and Yoga alongside these helps me to stay strong, stable and supple. Pilates is great for strengthening the core and activating the glutes. I use yoga to open my hips, hamstrings and calves. Butterfly, Pigeon and Downward Dog are my all time favourites.

Gradually Increase intensity In any training- be sure you ease into it. Many problems I see in clients are from stepping up the mileage or the intensity too quickly. We need to allow our bodies time to acclimatise to what we are putting them through.

Rest - we all lead crazy lives, working hard, playing hard and training hard. Rest is really important for good health. Not unlike high intensity interval training, with bursts of hard work and then recovery to make us fitter, rest time is vital to our overall fitness and health.

Put in the Hard Work - I always send my clients away with stretches and exercises to do at home. This is imperative to get the most out of your treatment and to recover as quickly as possible.

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