On the benefits of Prehabilitation

Ewan Cameron came 23rd in the mass race at The London Marathon. FIX Osteopath, Sports Massage Therapist and avid runner, Joe Dale speaks to Ewan on the benefits of injury prevention.

In the last 3 years, Ewan Cameron has gotten more serious about running; improving from a finish time of 3.25 to 2.25. Through consistent training and generally enjoying the running social scene, he put in place a plan of focus sessions to learn about the different types of runs he could partake in.

Steve Hobbs at FIX helped me out with that and lots of coaching over the years, so that’s been huge. Staying fit and healthy has been key aswell; you can’t get that consistency without pushing yourself but not over the edge. FIX has definitely helped with keeping me fit and healthy, both prehab and rehab.

For Ewan, a major factor in his injury prevention was being acutely aware of how he was feeling and responding to training and then seeking help when he sensed that there was tightness or a little pain, even if he wasn’t injured per se. When asked if he thinks prevention was better than cure on his journey so far, Ewan expressed that it definitely was and he’s learnt a thing or two along the way.

“I think in the past I failed to learn that lesson and took chunks of time out which, no surprise, leads to loss of form and loss of speed.”


Throughout his journey, Ewan made a conscious shift to see Joe every few weeks to make sure things were ticking over well.

The London Marathon last year, I remember coming to you [Joe] on the Friday and you sorted me out and I remember another cross country race; the day before I got some last minute help and that was hugely useful but probably longer term improvement from 3.25 three years ago to 2.25 this year, was around prehab and keeping the training up.

Going forward, Ewan dreams of completing a sub 50 minute 5k run and taking a bit more time off the 10k, as well as exploring where he can get with the marathon.

FIX will be cheering from the sidelines of course, and will be here for all of Ewan’s prehab, rehab and fix’in!

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