Postnatal Yoga @ Fix Studio

We have a new ‘Postnatal Yoga’ class joining the Fix Studio timetable on Tuesdays, 11am at London Fields.  This is a new addition to Fix’s specialist team of physios, massage therapists and movement teachers here to support women every step of the way through pregnancy and into motherhood. 


Postnatal yoga classes use yoga techniques to support postnatal recovery and to progress mums safely to stronger and more dynamic practices. Through the practice, we explore the joy of gentle movement and the stillness of relaxation.  Whatever your experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, the class is a safe and supported space for physical and emotional healing. 

This is a class for new mums. We believe that looking after your own wellbeing is just as important as caring for your baby.   Yoga doesn’t need to be separate from your everyday life; it can become part of the way you approach life as a mum. Through the class, you will learn how to weave breathing techniques and gentle exercises into your time with your baby, helping you connect and calm. 

Yoga practice can be modified to meet mums’ needs from birth, but having had two kids herself, Bryony knows getting to a group class is unlikely to happen in the first couple of months!  If you are ready to return to practice earlier, Bryony is available for 1:1 sessions at your home or in the studio. 

We welcome mums with babies from 6-weeks until they are walking. The classes are designed to meet your needs, with small class numbers to make sure you get close attention and support from your teacher. 

If you have any questions about whether the class is the right fit for you, please get in touch with Bryony by email –