Sports massage and Marathon Training

By Neil Franklin


Marathon season is nearly upon us. Whether you're training for London, Boston or Berlin, as you start to increase your mileage leading up to your marathon, you should consider a good sports massage as part of your training.

Although many people think of sports massage as a luxury, it should be an integral part of your training and is just as important as your easy run, steady run, fartlek, interval training and long run. Massage can improve your training and help you feel strong and limber, ready to run your best 26.219 miles on the day.

A programme of specialised manual therapy and functional exercises can: 

Improve flexibility. Massage involves stretching the muscles and re-aligning the muscle fibres, which allows you to stretch more efficiently and increase your range of motion for an injury free training programme.

Decrease recovery time. Massage increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles whilst removing waste products, releasing scar tissue and adhesions to keep your muscles working efficiently.

Injury prevention. Detecting any short, tight muscles and scar tissue or adhesions at an early stage, then treating these areas using various techniques and demonstrating good stretching practice will help keep you on track to your goal and prevent injury.

Injury treatment. Of course, nobody wants to get injured during training but with a good sports massage, and a programme of active, functional exercises you will regain confidence, mobility and strength resulting in a speedier recovery.

If you're in training for a marathon this spring/summer, Neil Franklin is offering a special deal to help you get the most out of your training:

Book 3 x 60 minute sports massage treatments

Receive 1 FREE post-event massage

You can call our front of house team to book on 0208 555 7165 or book online  - just mention that you're booking the marathon deal.