Little and often

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Yoga is everywhere. Images of beautiful bodies doing headstands on beaches scroll pass on your Instagram feed, women in expensive leggings folding themselves into seemingly impossible shapes, tales of hours-long sessions culminating in enlightenment on the top of a mountain. You know the deal. It can be intimidating, especially if you're not a hugely bendy person and don't have hours to dedicate to your practice.

But yoga is not about attaining the perfect handstand. At it's core, it's about linking movement and breath, and the mental and physical benefits that come from doing so. Whether you're wearing £70 leggings or 10-year-old trackpants, taking the time to bring your attention to your breath and move your body will open you to the increased strength, flexibility and balance that yoga can bring, as well as the mental relaxation and focus. This is why it's an integral part of the Fix philosophy.

For a little more about the benefits of a regular yoga practice, check out this TEDx talk by Jim Kambietz.

Finding the time to practice little and often is the easiest way to start working some yoga into your life. That's why we've recently made the lunchtime classes at our East village clinic just 45 minutes; so you can pop in, connect with yourself, move your body and still have time to be back at work for that 2 o'clock meeting (feeling infinitely more refreshed than if you'd spent your lunch hour clicking through the internet while eating a damp Pret sandwich)

You can check out our full yoga timetable and book online here. We're looking forward to practicing with you soon!