Practitioner Spotlight: Laura Jessett Massage Therapist and Yogi

Hi Laura, tell us about your massage and yoga training, where did you train?

I completed an 18 month yoga training with Yoga Campus, London and then trained for my btec level 5 sports and remedial massage with NLSSM. 

What got you into yoga and massage?

My nan's friend Betty was a yogi! When I would visit she had me doing downward facing dog in her front room, I found the names of the poses hilarious! I came back to yoga later in life and became hooked on the benefits of a regular practice. 

I've always been interested in anatomy, and when I became a yoga teacher I noticed so many different movement patterns I became really curious to find out what was going on. After reading everything I could get my hands on I decided to study sports & remedial massage to learn more about soft tissue and how it effects movement.

What's your favourite stretch/yoga pose?

- Savasana :) 
- Arm balances, Astavakrasana (eight angle pose) is fun.
- Parsvottanasana (intense side stretch) is a great hamstring and gastrocnemius stretch.

Yoga East Village

Tell us something about you no one knows...
I have a degree in graphic design from Falmouth University, and love photography/ illustration. 

What do you dig about working at Fix?

There's a nice atmosphere, good people! Everyone here really knows their stuff; it's a very satisfying job, being able to help people achieve their goals whether it's reducing pain or running a marathon.

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