January is the NEW Spring

January is the month of new years resolutions. The sacred time of year when people are exponentially more motivated to get off their behinds and finally to put an end to the mince pies. But if your Facebook feed is anything like mine you have definitely read too many motivational fitness posts already in 2017. But truth be told motivation isn't enough. We all want abs of steel and defined deltoids but motivation alone will only see you through January before you revert to winter hibernation mode until spring. Time to end all of that. 

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

― Jim Rohn

Some things to ask yourself:

1. What is it you want?
Better health, strength, fitness, better sleep, big biceps?

2. What has failed you in the past?
Going in too strong and burning out, lack of good information, lack of motivation, lack of support?

3. What tools do you need to get closer to your goals (biceps)?
Good information on sound exercise and nutrition, coaching and consistency. The full package!

Come and get yourself booked in for some training with me!

Alice offers sessions both in the Fix studio and outdoors.

£65 per session or £550 for a 10 pack of sessions. Hello Summer '17! 

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