Client of the Month : Triathlete Ben Schueller

"It all began actually when I left London at the end of 2014. I had given up playing Rugby a few years previously and by the time I was asked to move to Germany for work, I was not feeling too well. I had taken up cycling to work occasionally and had done a couple of multi-day cycling trips including a ride from London to Cologne.

In Germany I was given the not so great news that my cholesterol levels were slightly above the acceptable range. That was the kick up the backside that I needed and I started running and cycling on a more regular basis, plus began a stricter strengthening programme. Most importantly I cut out alcohol and started eating much more healthily.

While I was making progress, losing weight and getting fitter, I tried out having regular sports massage which I found helped a lot.

During the course of 2015 I developed the idea of trying out training for a triathlon. A friend of mine who motivated me and helped me train in the right way was a triathlon coach so I went to the pool and tried that too. I managed a whole couple of lanes of “freestyle”… clearly that wouldn’t take me very far.

But I caught some form of a bug. I was starting to feel better, I continued to enjoy cycling, I even started to enjoy running.

That was it, I needed to try that weird triathlon thing… So I started to get really stuck in and completed my first season of triathlon in 2016 with three sprint distance and one standard distance tri, a couple of half marathons and a few other events. And finished the year with a great cycling trip in the Patagonian lake district in Chile and Argentina.

Having moved back here to London in May last year, it became clear very quickly that I needed to continue to have sport massages and luckily, I found FIX and Lex. Having played Rugby for a good few years and not being anywhere near my 20s, I have a few niggles that keep coming up time and again. With Lex’s expert help, these niggles are kept under good control and I can look forward to a new season and new goals."

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