Welcome Alice - Clinical Strength & Conditioning

This month we welcome Alice to the Fix practitioner team as a clinical strength and conditioning coach. No idea what that is? Let us explain...

You may have been injured and after seeing one of our brilliant Physio or Osteo's need reintroduction to exercise in a controlled environment. You may have recently had a baby or are expecting, and you want to rebuild/maintain strength and regain control of your pelvic floor in a safe environment. You would like to join group fitness classes but don't feel fit enough and worry you're not doing the exercises correctly. Alice can help!

Alice is a personal trainer and yoga teaching with a special interest in the pre and post natal client and women's health. Her unique skill set and pragmatic approach along with her strong foundation in nutrition is what makes her such a valuable addition to the Fix team. Clients can expect a tailored program taking injuries and current limitations into account, as well as nutritional coaching and meal planning where requested.

1-to-1 Sessions
1 hr £65
5 pack £300
10 pack £550

For more info or to book a session, call the desk 020 8986 5551 or email us info@fixlondon.co.uk

Alice is intuitive, she somehow knows how hard to push me. After sustaining a back injury last year Alice has helped me get strong and trust my body again. Oh and she got me eating properly, no stone left unturned!
— Jacinta, 30