Practitioner Spotlight Physiotherapist Kristina...

A little on Kristina....

Kristina has over 15 Years experience working in the NHS and private sector with a special interest in treating back and neck problems and also ligaments sprains, tendon problems, muscle strains and postural issues. She is also an expert in the management of sports injuries, rheumatological conditions and post – operative rehabilitation. Kristina is trained in Acupuncture and clinical Pilates which concepts she incorporates into client rehabilitation to ensure that alignment and stability are improved in order to reduce stress through joints.


Hi Kristina! First off where are you from?

I’m  from  the  beautiful  city  Braunschweig  in North Germany,  where  I  was  born  being  the  baby  of  my  family  of  6.

My  now  husband  asked  me  to  move to  London  with  the  promise  to  stay  for  a  maximum  of  a  year  or  two.  15 years and  three  children  later  we  are  still  here  and  can’t  imagine  living  anywhere  else.


How do you like to stay fit and healthy?

I love  living  in  Belsize  Park  and  run and down  Hampstead  Heath  or  Regents  Park  to  stay  fit.  I also  love  Barry’s  Bootcamp,  especially  if I continue to bump  into  David  Beckham.  My  big passions  however  are  skiing  and  kitesurfing.

Best thing about living in London?

The one thing I like most about  London  is that  so  many different  nationalities  come  together, share  their  culture, learn  from each  other and  enjoy each others'  company  regardless of their backgrounds.

Fun Fact: Kristina published a children’s book in2004 called Fay and Finlay's Fabulous Friendship Book.

Tell us more Kristina...

 Fay’s  &  Finlay’s  Fabulous  Friendship  Book  is a written keepsake book for children  between  the  age  of  5  to  9.  A Friendship  Book is a book  in  which  children  and  their  friends,  big  and  small, write  personal  details  and  answer fun questions  about  themselves.  It  gets  passed  around  to  gather  their stories, which once  the book is full, it becomes a treasured keepsake.

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