Natasha's Pilates Journey...

So Tash, you're a classical Pilates teacher, would you mind explaining what exactly that means?

Simply put, I teach and practise the method and exercises that Joseph Pilates created. The term "classical" came about because over the years the original method was changed so much by different people - sometimes beyond recognition.

In classical Pilates we teach the original system of exercises as intended by the man himself. Pilates is about the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit... And it works!

Can you explain your journey with Pilates?

I began practising Pilates when I was 16 and training professionally as a Dancer, it was part of our curriculum. If I'm honest I didn't take it very seriously as a teenager, I only really got into it later in life when I studied Acting and realised that it was so much more than just injury prevention and "core" strength.


How has it helped you and how do you incorporate it into your daily life?

Where do I start! I guess the main thing is that it has made me realise my body and mind connection, and the huge potential in that. There is always a little bit more the body can find, you can stretch that little bit further, breathe a little bit deeper. I feel completely invigorated both physically and mentally after a Pilates workout. The worst thing about being a teacher is that you don't get to practise as much as you'd like! But I still have private lessons every week and never stop learning.

Who might be some people who would benefit from your sessions injured? Pre/post natal? Desk people?

Yes. Yes. YESSSSSS. Pretty much anyone with a spine and a beating heart makes for a good Pilates candidate.

Can you explain how you usually go about taking a client through a session? What might be expected?

I find out why they want to be there and what they want to get out of it - are they a one off client or are they looking for something more long term? Are they recovering from injury or do they want "a six-pack"? Their reason for being there often changes once they begin to understand their body more and how the system works. 

The first session will usually involve me introducing you to our little studio and all the curious equipment. I will observe you and how you move to paint a picture of what you need. Hopefully that's just the beginning! 

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