Spotlight on the Practitioner Cate Boyle

Each month we are shining the light on one of our Fix practitioners for special inside information and Q & A. This month we have Fix acupuncturist Cate Boyle.

A little on acupuncture
While it is widely known that acupuncture may help a variety of health issues, pain, stress, infertility and allergies like hay fever, did you know it can also be very effective in treating prickly heat and heat rashes in the summer months? Also, If you tend to suffer in the winter time with chesty colds then now is the time to start your pre-season acupuncture – it helps stimulate the immune system.   And from August, Cate will also be introducing Chinese massage Tui Na to her therapeutic toolkit - ask for more details!

Q & A
Where in Ireland you are from? 
I’m from the North West Coast - beautiful Donegal. I was brought up right next to the sea.

What is your favourite part of your vocation?
Seeing the look on people's face when their pain reduces with needles...they look mystified, and of course the team at Fix.

What is your favourite restaurant or cafe in Hackney?
It changes every week as there are so many new places but a firm favourite is Counter Cafe in Hackney Wick for a post swim breakfast or lovely Lardo next door to Fix.

What are your fave sporting activities?
I love love love running, swimming, climbing mountains....anything as long as it is outside.

How many pets do you have?
3 black and white creatures from various rescue centres - one dog and two cats.

Fun fact: Cate competes in Canicross races. Her and her Collie/Whippet cross Flynn run anything from 5k to 10miles together. Amazingly Cate says that Flynn adds a 10-20second boost per mile and up to 30 seconds if speeding downhill.
With that much extra speed maybe we should all try running with a canine! 

Read Cate's bio here

Cate running with Flynn in the Canine Cross

Cate running with Flynn in the Canine Cross

Flynn, Collie-Whippet cross

Flynn, Collie-Whippet cross

Cate at recent  Capital Tri  event in Hackney's West reservoir.

Cate at recent Capital Tri event in Hackney's West reservoir.