Client of the Month - Chris Levy

 Fix Client of the Month is Chess-Boxer Chris Levy!

"I take part in a slightly unusual hybrid sport…Chess-boxing: essentially alternating rounds of boxing and chess, until someone wins by either method. Having discovered this in my late 20s, It became my main activity for 3 or 4 years – not only learning how to box (and loving it), but having the chance to fight in front of decent sized crowds.

Two years ago I was a few weeks out from a fight when I suffered what I thought was a groin pull. I had to pull out the fight, but assumed with rest things would soon be back to normal. As weeks - and then months - went by, the pain worsened, and spread to the hips. First one side, then another. I tried all kinds of physio, rehab programs, cortisone shots, etc. before scans showed I had Bilateral Hip Impingement: the ball-and-socket of the joints were not properly aligned, which causes joint friction, loss of movement and pain. I was down to zero activity beyond weights.

The recommended solution was surgery – to reshape the joint. This wasn’t a route I was prepared to go down without having tried other solutions first.

I have always been a huge sceptic when it comes to acupuncture, but googling around stumbled across Cate at Fix. With some trepidation (and an awful lot of cynicism) we went over my history in the first appointment, before Cate explained various Western and Chinese approaches to the issue.

After a couple of sessions of electro-acupuncture I could already feel the tightness and pain relieving. Two more on top of this, and it was down to a level where I barely noticed it.

I took on the offer of another fight having barely trained in two years, half expecting to break down within weeks. Instead, my only issue was a severe lack of base fitness – both hips withstood an intense training schedule perfectly. A few weeks ago I got to fight at the York Hall (which as a boxing fan was a huge ambition) I am now back to my previous levels of activity – and am planning to keep things as they are with regular acupuncture!"

Chris had his fight, and won. Hips were no issue AT ALL! Well done Chris!

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