Our Chief Fixer on Yoga and Beyond Podcast!

FIX clinic director and Physiyoga expert Helen O'Neill was recently featured on Ariana Rabinovitch's brilliant Yoga and Beyond Podcast!

Helen and her colleague Diana Zotos enlighten listeners on PhysiYogaGlobal, their Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, held in NYC and coming to London town soon. Watch this space!

Diana Zotos and Helen O’Neill are both experienced yoga teachers and physical therapists. Together they created PhysiYoga education seminars which reflect the demand for applicable and teachable knowledge functional anatomy, both for the yoga teacher and the physical therapist.

Each course aims to fill the gap between basic training and a safer, smarter practice.

Both Helen and Diana are deeply grounded in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and therapeutics.   Their quest: to enhance awareness and safety for the 21st Century movement specialist.

Listen to the podcast here.