Eleah's Top Five Tips For Better Movement & Posture

Our Pilates teacher Eleah Waters is a movement master! 

here are her top tips: 

  1. Where possible train in front of a mirror or ask a friend to film you. It’s sometimes a small postural adjustment that can shave minutes off your personal best!

  2. Stretching can feel uncomfortable especially if you try to do it quickly, my advice to anyone who needs a good stretch and a twist is to find a great teacher. There are teachers out there for every one! Pilates exercises are deep, using movements that encourage the most efficient bio-mechanics. They create stability and strength in the whole body. The combination of Pilates and a weekly yoga class is unbeatable.

  3. Do exercises that encourage strength in the right areas but modify them wherever possible to obtain the best possible form. There is no point doing a full push up with no core control and your shoulders around your ears. The last thing you need is shoulder tension and a lower back pain!

  4. Take the initiative to make your exercise individual to you, take your knees to the floor if it suits you. If possible take your trainers off and make your feet strong too! As you exercise, think of your arches lifting and create a strong foundation for your ankle, knee and hip.

  5. Exercise with friends and ask them to tell you when you are slouching, and have a good giggle it helps everything!

Eleah offers 1-to-1 bespoke 60 minute Pilates sessions at Fix. Expect to be challenged, nurtured and get stronger quicker than you ever thought possible!  

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