Why Real Men Do Yoga

"I'm not flexible enough for yoga", something often said but exactly the reason you should do yoga...

10 Very Good Reasons to do Yoga:

1. Mobility
Yoga is an excellent way to increase your flexibility. In yoga muscle tissue is lengthened whilst joints are stabilised which leads to great muscular integrity and strength. 

2. Strength
Yoga incorporates static and dynamic upper and lower body movements. Many yoga poses also build core strength.

3. Body Awareness
Not so much in a spiritual sense, but more in a sense that you know where your limbs are in space. Yoga promotes better coordination and quality of movement.

4. Ease of Movement
At the foundation of yoga is the breath, by learning to better control the breath we can learn to move more easily and freely. Once we learn to move well on the mat we start to move more easily off of the mat. 

5. Recovery from Training
Yoga after an intense training session will aid in reducing muscle soreness and discomfort. Sore and painful muscles restrict mobility, yoga will help get you back to training sooner. 

6. Injury Prevention
Increased mobility, strength and body awareness can prevent injury. Keeping muscles and joints supple is a way to safeguard against injury, and assist in recovering from injury.

7. Accessible
Yoga makes one of the best travel buddies. All you need is some basic poses and a yoga mat and you can yoga everywhere. 

8. More Zen
Lets face it, in this modern day we can all use a little help with relaxation, calm and focus. 

9. Break the Stereotype
We think this is reason enough to give yoga a go. For far too long yoga has been seen as a women's only zone. Strong and flexible bodies and calmed minds are for everyone. 

10. Fix are offering Classes!
Fix are hosting exclusive men's only yoga classes in Covent Garden at the Ron Dorff men's boutique. Classes are limited to 8 blokes and can be booked online here.

You can expect to be worked, stretched and calmed all in an hour... Get yourself to yoga!