What's on my Plate and Top Tips with Alice

Clinical Strength and Conditioning coach and nutrition guru Alice, shares her delicious Glory Bowl recipe and top tips to eating well.

1. Be one step ahead. Keep healthy whole ingredients and prepared foods at hand and do not keep junk food in the house. I don't believe anyone has willpower when faced with a cylinder of Pringles! 

2. Do not starve yourself. Fad diets do not work, but a balanced whole food diet and regular exercise does. 

3. Stay inspired. Variety is the spice of life, so keep things interesting. The cooler months are a great time to cook amazing nourishing foods for yourself and friends. 

Alice's Freestyle Glory Bowls
You really can use anything in these as long as there is a variety of colour and textures by using cooked and raw ingredients.
In the Autumn it is important to eat nourishing cooked ingredients like roasted carrot or sweet potato and steamed warm greens.
Obviously you can swap out the chicken and add steamed salmon or beef strips, or go for vegetarian/vegan options. 
Additions like toasted nuts add crunch and obviously avocado and a poached egg are always welcome. Yum!
Pictured: brown rice, shredded chicken, crispy tempeh (tofu's healthier cousin), steamed asparagus and broccolini, shredded red cabbage and carrot, cherry tomatoes, coriander and spring onions all topped with the amazing glory bowl dressing. 

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