Laura Jessett

Yoga teacher | Massage therapist

As a yoga teacher Laura developed an interest in anatomy and rehabilitation after observing her students' movement patterns. This led her to study a BTEC Level 5 in Sports and remedial Massage at NLSSM. She has also completed a Kinesiology Taping CPD with Sportape.

Sports and remedial massage can be beneficial for everyone, and is not limited to sports people. Laura treats a range of clients, from those suffering from postural or occupational aches and pains, or injuries, to active clients who need regular treatment to maintain optimal muscle functioning.

Treatments often includes postural and range of motion tests and use hands on techniques to identify muscular imbalances, dysfunction and any compensation patterns in the body.

Each client is then treated as an individual, using appropriate techniques for their specific needs. These include a variety of massage techniques, deep tissue, soft tissue release, trigger points, muscle energy techniques and stretching. As a yoga teacher Laura has an intuitive understanding of movement, enabling her to tailor rehabilitation exercises and stretches to help maintain results from treatment.

The aim of treatment is to release tension, and restrictions, normalising the tissue and reducing pain. Clients find their flexibility, range of motion, and muscle balance are restored which improves the quality and fluidity of movement possible, as well as reducing stress on the joints. The nervous system is soothed with massage, and circulation is stimulated, bringing fresh blood and nutrients to the tissue which can aid recovery after training or injury. 

The massage I had with Laura was phenomenal! It has reduced my pain (now that it’s over!) and I am able to swim once again.
— Steven R