"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness" ~ Joseph Hubertus Pilates

The Pilates method is a system of movement and form of therapeutic exercise. It was developed by Joseph Pilates, a German-born athlete and physical therapy pioneer. He originally called the system "Contrology"; it emphasises uniform development of the body through physical exercises that help to correct muscular imbalances and improve posture, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility, as well as to increase breath capacity.

The Pilates method can work for anyone and has been used since its development to train boxers, dancers, Premier League footballers and Olympic athletes.

 If you're looking to get stronger, longer, and leaner; you're overcoming an injury; have a stressful or sedentary job; are pre or post-natal or just in need of a great full-body workout, Pilates can be an integral part of your plan.

The Fix Approach to Pilates

As with any exercise or activity, at Fix we believe there's a difference between just doing something, and doing it well.  That's why we run 1:1 and small 4:1 group sessions where our expert instructors can always give you a personalised approach. 

A 1:1 session is tailored to the individual. The aim is for you to get the most out of the Pilates method by utilising equipment  specially designed by Joseph Pilates. Each session is designed to move you through the system and all the equipment in our studio, be it on the Mat, Reformer, Wunda Chair or Tower. Progression occurs as mastery of the exercises can be done with control and precision!

4:1 courses usually run for 6 weeks at a time. These classes are Mat
and Reformer focused with hands on adjustments and feedback. The class runs as a circuit, and our teacher demonstrates a handful of exercises then the participants try it. It is best to have
some experience of Pilates and at least one 1:1 session before moving into the
group class.

If you are interested in a 4:1 course, please contact our
Front of House team to register your interest.

Clinical & Classical Pilates - what do I need?

'Clinical Pilates' is built on an in-depth knowledge of bodily function, healing and movement patterns. This knowledge allows the instructor to assess each patient and determine which exercises will be the most effective for their needs.  This becomes especially important if you have any history of injury. If you are recovering from injury, the modified Pilates exercises of 'Clinical Pilates' can be tailored to help you overcome pain and get back to moving with good function.

If you are seeking to enjoy the broader health benefits of Pilates - enhanced core stability, muscle toning and strength -  then you should try 'Classical Pilates'. These sessions work you from head to toe, using the exercises designed by Joseph Pilates himself. Our instructors can give you the individual attention to help get your technique spot on, allowing you to progress with more confidence and ease. 

Our Pilates Instructors