Vivianne Jonsson - Boulogne

Pilates Instructor

Vivianne has trained as a contemporary dancer and graduated from Laban Centre London in 2002. She teaches contemporary dance and ballet to all ages and levels across schools and institutions. In her early twenties she was diagnosed with a severe back injury, related to her earlier career as a runner for the Swedish junior-team. After one year of intensive Pilates-based rehabilitation she experienced an amazing recovery and managed to avoid a critical surgery.

That experience triggered a personal interest in Pilates and she started studying at the Scott Studio, Somerset. Workshops and lectures from various teachers, doctors and specialists from around the world had a profound effect on her unique style. In 2004 she qualified from the Pilatesfoundation®. 

Vivianne welcomes all students to her classes - able bodied, wheelchair users, lost limbs, pre/post op and hypermobility/EDS students. Her style is focused on people with injuries and rehabilitation needs, with a hands-on style and close attention to detail in order to make her students feel reassured and safe at all times.

She welcomes everyone in her class. She has since taught extensively in UK, France, Italy and Sweden.