Massage therapist

Robert has been a Deep Tissue Massage and Reiki Therapist for over a decade and in that time has developed an exquisite sense for helping his clients with their physical, mental and emotional issues.

Working initially at the Edinburgh Festival Spiegel Tent in 2003, he quickly moved out to the alps and where he set up a successful mobile massage practice in one of Europe’s premier ski resorts. While working there, he built a deep foundation of experience for releasing muscle tension caused by over use, injury and fatigue for winter sports enthusiasts, Olympians and professional skiers and snowboarders alike.

Coupled with that, he also eased the knotted tension out of the backs, necks and shoulders of his clients, many of whom work in sedentary office positions for most of the year. From there, Robert worked as a therapist on luxury yachts and at music festivals until eventually settling in East London in 2008.

His clients love his focused approach, where he utilises every moment of the treatment time to maximise the benefit and ensure they get the best possible results. Many have said that although it’s not the most relaxing of massages, it is the most effective in releasing muscle tension with a little good pain…

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