It's only Monday, and it's SUMMERTIME!  So don't worry about it:  Do something about it!

If you're dreading the thought of dragging yourself up to your workstation or facing up to that to-do list then we might have the perfect antidote..!

All round top notch massage wonder-worker Jill Borten has been pondering the fact we're in the longest and (ahem, meant to be) brightest days of the year and has decided to help you make the most if it with a Monday Morning offer to die for.

At Fix we know all too well that massage can reduce job-related stress and anxiety, increase alertness and lower anger and confusion (Turnbull, 1994/5).

So: Banish the Monday blues! Kickstart the week with a Monday morning massage. 

Jill says:  

 "With the early light on summer mornings, getting up early for a massage should be EASY. Also, with people more active on summer weekends, booking a session during the week help keep people's precious weekends open for summer fun.

"After an active weekend (and possible over-indulgence) massage can increase the removal of noxious substances and the clearance of metabolic waste, as well as boosting local circulation and relaxing muscles. "

So why not try it for yourself?!

We're offering an incentive to prove it: a pack of five massages for just £55 each (usually £65).

Use them on Monday massages with Jill from now until the end of summer time, when the clocks go forward (30 Oct). 

Happy summer solstice! 

To book, pay via Paypal and you will be taken to the online booking page.