Alice Sims


Alice offers 1:1 sessions in functional and clinical movement, strength and conditioning. Alice is a qualified personal trainer with pre and postnatal specialisation. Also a yoga teacher, her approach is all encompassing. 

She works closely with clients to understand any external factors which may inhibit them from progressing. Dietary guidance, practical health and cooking tips, and stress reduction as well as making a realistic and achievable plan are at the forefront of her approach. Clients results should be long lasting, as Alice passes on valuable lifestyle skills.

Alice believes the human body and mind receives the greatest benefit when a balanced approach is used in training and lifestyle, yin meets yang. Training-wise clients are offered a mixture of hard and soft forms of functional training where appropriate. If you know someone who needs help with recovery from injury in a controlled environment, or just needs a good old-fashioned kick up the butt, come and see Alice at Fix.



Alice is intuitive, she somehow knows how hard to push me. After sustaining a back injury last year Alice has helped me get strong and trust my body again. Oh and she got me eating properly, no stone left unturned!
— Jacinta