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We have a small but perfectly formed studio space in our light-filled East Village clinic. With just 9 people maximum, teachers are able to give you careful guidance. However, this does mean that classes fill up fast, so please book online to reserve your place.

To do this click the class link below and then go to the GROUP SESSIONS tab if your class is not shown. 

Drop in's will only be able to take the class if there is space on the day.

Fix Yoga

Jessie Reece Bloch, Laura Jessett & Helena Crabtree

A slow, mindful alignment based practice. Suitable for all levels of ability. Connecting the mind to the body using the breath to obtain the perfect balance of flexibility and stability through asana.


Fix yoga - improvers

Jessie Reece Bloch

A class for those who know their downward dog from their dolphin. If you've been practicing for a while and want to explore further into yoga, Jessie will be leading the way with this Improvers class.

Tuesday 7pm

Book online - £12/class

Monday 7.45pm

Tuesday 7pm

Wed 12.30pm and 7.30pm

Thursday 12:30pm

Friday 12.30pm

Sat 9.30am


Yoga for Sport  Recovery

Helena Crabtree

Swimming, running, cycling, competitive frisbee...however you play, this is a yoga class to help you recover. Helena will work on stretching tight spots and building strength and stability to help prevent injuries in the arena. 

Tuesday 12:30pm

Book online - £10/class

Book online - Mon-Sat £12/class

Book online - Lunchtime (45 minute) £10/class





Flow & Restore

Helena Crabtree

Jessie Reece Bloch

Gentle flow moving towards stillness; the antidote to life in the city. Breath-led movement will help you ease tension and let go of the day, then the class closes with longer held poses to really release.

Wednesday 7:30pm  - book

Sun (75 mins) 11.30am - book


Pilates Fix Up 

Michelle Lee

Dionne Blauw

Your body is for life. Fix Up uses strength work and lengthening movements to improve physical function and control. Michelle is a certified Physiotherapist as well as a Pilates teacher, making this class great for anyone recovering from injury or uncertain about their abilities.

Thursday 7.15pm

Saturday 11am

Book online  - £12/class

Fix FIT 

Ange du Boulay

A class of strength and conditioning the Fix way. Expect to get strong and sweaty! Improve core and limb strength, play with different ways of moving and find a softness that allows for efficient, easy movement. All levels welcome

Monday 6.30pm

Book online - £12/class

Pelvic floor galore 

Ange du Boulay

We understand how important a well functioning pelvic floor is in health. Come to a womens' only class combining strengthening and release exercises to connect you to your body, core and pelvic floor. Essential for pre & post natal ladies. Bring your baby. All pre-crawlers welcome. 

Monday 3:30pm 

Book online - £12/class

babieS & BUGGIES run

Steve Hobbs

Are you ready to get into the cardio after your baby? Join us for an hour of run drills and fun in the park. All levels welcome. Click here for more details.

Drop in or book online 

£5 drop in | £25 for 6 sessions


Michelle pilates

Fit with Baby

Dionne Blauw

Fitness for new mums of all levels. Helping to get you back into shape, with babe in tow. All pre-crawlers welcome.

Thursday 2.00 pm

Book online - £12/class


Jessie Reece Bloch

         yoga teacher                   

Jessie East Village Yoga
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Class Pass

10 classes for £100

For use on any Fix Yoga, Yoga/Pilates Fix Up, Flex & Flow or Pelvic Floor Galore class.

Call 020 8555 7165 or drop in to Fix East Village to buy


Helena Yoga Fix East Village

Steve Hobbs

            Run Coach